Shopify can't authenticate Sender Email address, despite following all instructions

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I have been trying to get Shopify to authenticate my Sender Email address (in Settings / Notifications / Sender Email)  with no success. I have followed all instructions regarding adding C-NAME records to the domain, which is registered with 123Reg.  Any ideas what is missing here?  123Reg support have added the C-NAMES for me but don't seem to know why its not working. Shopify support directs me to the domain provider ( 123Reg) .....

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It's possible that there could be a configuration issue on either end that is preventing Shopify from authenticating your sender email address. You may want to try reaching out to Shopify support again and provide them with any error messages or specific details about the issue you are facing. You can also double check the CNAME records with your domain provider to ensure they are set up correctly. Additionally, you may want to consider reaching out to a Shopify expert or third party for assistance in troubleshooting this issue.