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Having been offered and repaid over 5 shopify capital advances we are no longer being offered any. We were offered one in November following repaying our current advance and were advised that it was not accepted. Having read other discussions it appears that Shopify are no longer providing the Capital advances? No reason as to why. Can some please shed some light on this. Having these advances have help our business throughout the last year or so. Shopify are making a lot of interest from them, so surely they wish to continue?


Any from Shopify can you please help?

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For what it's worth, I was offered Shopify Capital several times last year.  The amount fluctuated and it appeared to be based on recent sales.  I did accept the offer one time and it was paid off in November.  I just received a new offer yesterday, so apparently they have not discontinued it.  But good luck getting any answers from Shopify (ahem) 'support'. 

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Wait.. there's a Shopify support department??

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Hi @parkminster 


Thank you for reaching out about this and sharing your feedback on this process. I understand the value of receiving additional capital offers. To ensure that the system we use for calculating eligibility is not tampered or manipulated, we aren't able to say specifically why a business is not currently receiving additional capital offers. I understand that is not ideal when you are waiting for another offer. 


I can recommend that you confirm with our support team that you have not been added to our "do not contact list" for capital offers. This is something our standard support through our Help Center can check for you. To access our support team, please follow this link: Shopify Help Center, open the AI chat and type "contact support" to get started. 



Shay | Social Care @ Shopify 
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