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UPDATE: I called Shopify customer service and they were able to help.  Apparently when I signed up for the new Shopify Balance it started taking the payments from there.  As stated before, most of my payments are third party so I really don't get deposits on the Shopify balance card.  Apparently wherever you accept your sales payouts is the same account where they will pull your Shopify Capital payments from so be aware of that! You can go into your payment setting in admin and click manage for Shopify payments and then change the payout account.  Hope this helps anyone who had this issue. I went ahead and added money to Shopify balance.  I got it as a method of savings pretty much to have money I would never "see" vs my regular bank account.



Hi, hopefully someone can help.  EVERY one of my payments since I got the cash advance last year has went through.  I noticed since January this year I have been getting "failed" payment status. It's the same bank account and always has WAY more than enough money to cover every payment.  Of the 5 payments they tried to process since January 2022, the 1st 2 failed, 3rd processed, 4th failed and now the 5th one is processing and I'm wondering if it will fail again. The payment is only for $3.76 and there is over 1k in my business account so absolutely NO reason to fail. Same amount as every other failed transaction.   There is no option to manually pay anything.  I don't want this affecting my credit! There is absolutely NO reason for these payments to randomly be failing all of a sudden since January. Has anyone had this happen? And was there any solution? I only saw one other post with no comments.  Because of this I highly doubt Id use the Shopify Capital again! I only even accepted it finally after tons of offers to upgrade my theme and it wasn't a large advance. There is absolutely no means to contact them, No way to update banking, no way to manually pay a failed payment and no way to pay a larger amount other than to pay the full balance. Any advice is greatly appreciated! P.s. I DID recently sign up for Shopify balance so Im not sure if that has anything to do with it or not. There is not a option to change my capital payment method so im not sure if since accepting balance, if it automatically is taking payment from there instead.  Most of my customers pay via PayPal or one of the installment companies so I rarely have funds going to balance unless they pay via CC or use shop pay. BUT it should not just switch payments WITHOUT telling me so im really confused as to what the issue is. 

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Hello @riaxrain!


Sorry to hear that you are having this experience. 

You mentioned you set up Shopify Balance - after your Shopify Balance account is set up, it becomes the account connected to your Shopify Payments account. Your payouts will be deposited into your Shopify Balance account, including any financing that you receive through Shopify Capital, which is why you may be having this issue now.


Since your customers mostly opt for PayPal and not a lot goes into balance, your payments to Capital are failing as they don't have sufficient funds to take from. If you would like the payments to be made as you had them before, you will just need to take steps to change your payout account:


  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Finances > Balance.

  2. On the Shopify Balance page, click Manage account.

  3. On the Shopify Balance account page, click Change payout account.

  4. Under Confirm old bank account, enter your Shopify Balance account information.

  5. Enter the new account information and click Save.

  6. Select your reason for changing your account and click Confirm.

  7. Click Done.

Please do note that changing your payout account back to a third-party account doesn't close your Shopify Balance account. You can still use any active Shopify Balance payment cards and collect Shopify Balance rewards on transactions made with your Shopify Balance account.  Just in case, I have a help doc on Shopify Balance with additional info here. Let me know how you get on! 

Lana | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi Lana 


I had a handful of remittances "fail" over the past few months despite my Shopify Balance being adequate.  I reached out to support a few weeks ago and she stated that the failed remittances were NOT showing up on her end.  Whether or not this is the case, I was wondering if there was a way to make payments towards these failed remittances if in fact they are "valid" and did happen.