Shopify capital second loan

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Shopify capital says since you payed back 66 percent  of the loan we are looking to give you more offers. I paid back 1100.00

The loan was 1600.00 can anyone tell me when Shopify capital will give me new offers on another loan how long it should take? Any information would be great. 

Thanks shaner123


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Did you end up receiving in day 10?

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No. They said I didn't qualify. I thinks it's because I have another account that had a balance. I did however get a 5k loan with PayPal.
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I wouldn't actually advise you on getting loans directly from Shopify. There are much better third-party companies that offer safer loans. I tried to get funding from Shopify once and it was the worst experience ever. It never came and I never got paid off in the end. Thankfully, one of my friends from Finland has a Shopify shop as well and suggested this Finnish loan company to me. You can find them on their website and I guarantee that you'll be pleased with all they have to offer. They can help you find the best-unsecured loan among more than 30 banks and financial institutions.

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Really...please explain more about how you "never got paid off in the end."

To anyone considering following the link in @Clarerisa message, I recommend severe caution. There are numerous scam 'loan' companies across the internet posting their phishing links in this manner. I am not directly accusing @Clarerisa of being guilty of this. But the manner in which they describe their 'experience' with obtaining a Shopify loan does not make any sense at all. @Shopify either provides you the opportunity to apply or not. If they do, you select a funding amount and payoff rate to apply for (at the click of a button, and acknowledgement of the funding agreement), and you get a yes or no answer. There is really not much of an 'experience', good or bad, to be had.