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Hi, I paid off 88% off my first loan about a week ago  and have passed the eligibility required amount. I was wondering when the option will appear to apply for the next one?

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I recommend you to reach out directly to Shopify Merchant Support with your inquiry.
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I have three times and not had a straight answer.

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Hi @Aileenx 

Thank you for reaching out to the community forums to get some more insight into when you might receive another capital offer for your business. I can understand the importance of having clarity around this topic as capital can be a huge boost for a small business. 

I know you mentioned that you have reached out a few times to get clarification on this and haven't really received a straight answer. I can help explain why that is. Each business is assessed to see if it meets the minimum threshold for capital financing, if the minimum threshold is met you may then receive a notification that your business may be eligible for capital funding. From there, if accepted, our team will provide a closer inspection of your business and use a range of tools to assess and come to a decision. 

In order to protect the integrity of this system our capital team is not able to share a lot of direct insight into what thresholds are needing to be met, this is to ensure that bad actors can't try and game the system for their personal benefit. I know that this does leave our merchants in the shadows regarding this process, but it is for the benefit of all in the long run. 

We can't guarantee that your business will be eligible for financing again and to protect our systems, we may not be able to tell you why that is. If you have reached the threshold of minimum payment and have not yet received a new offer, you most likely will not be eligible for capital at this time. 

Thank you,


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I was advised that I could re-apply for another loan, I applied having thought that it would be a quick process based on my last application and as my current loan is 71% clear. I committed to a massive stock purchase to extend my range. Since 15th August the deposit date has been moved forward 3 times and now it says that it's simply being reviewed. Had I known about the nearly 3 week delay , now with no success date, I would have probably approached Paypal or another organisation for funds. The Shopify Loan application process is simply not great for planning business continuity. The statement that the application will be dealt with in 5 days is false. If successful, it is likely that it will be my last.

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Bro, you'll have to wait for some time, because they answer for a very long time, and it's not even about your clean credit history, but simply because they have such a service.