Shopify Carrier Calculated Shipping Forcing Shipping on Checkout for Local Pickup Orders

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Our store offers both pickup and local delivery by using the app Piceasy where customers can schedule pickup/delivery dates & times.  We activated Shopify's Carrier Calculated Shipping to prevent customers from having to select their order method (pickup or delivery) from both the cart page and checkout page - also making a smoother ordering process.


However, when customers go to checkout after selecting their pickup/delivery option, on the checkout page - it is automatically changed to delivery (pickup disappears).  After asking the piceasy team about this they mentioned:

"We checked your store, and see that you use customer login account creation information, before checkout. This automatically fetches the address from the login, and when the address details are not in the login form, there will be no address population for the pickup."

They are saying the only option is to disable customer account logins but we can't do that.   Is there a solution to this?

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