Shopify changes my image filenames ??

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after i upload my product images to shopify with my own image filenames, shopify changes them right? 

so is there any point of naming them for SEO purposes?

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after i upload my product images to shopify with my own image filenames, shopify changes them right? 

No, not right. The image name would only be changed if there is a conflict with an existing file.

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Hi Jason,


Is there any way to not Rename the images when the file name already exists. Instead of renaming i want to Overwrite them.

Becuase we are using Third party system to manage our product data at shopify plus.  So what is happening is lets say we did not made any changes in images but we made changes in product titles, The third party system pushes the feed to correct title data but that feed also includes images. So all the images keeps getting renamed again and again every time we push any data update to shopify. 


We dont want image names to keep getting change because this way it will be thousands of duplicate images in store.  We want it to overwrite images whenever its the same image file name.  how can we achieve this with shopify plus?




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Shouldn't you be able to use a photo more than once in your store? IE a detail photo that applies to two or more different products? However, once I upload the same photo via URL from Shopify's Settings > Files, to the second product, the photo is renamed automatically. The file name is kept, but Shopify adds something like" fnjdksahf54980hjkvdsii0" after the file name.


Does that affect SEO....?

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I am having the same issue. I tried uploading from my browser as well as using the URL of the image I uploaded in my shop files. Shopify added d2755699-6d1c-4d38-8aaa-848e43b4cd82 to my filename.