Shopify Charegebacks and Fraud (Worst customer support ever)

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We have been a long-time user of Shopify and do over $500k per year in sales through Shopify.  They used to be great; you could get a live person in Canada on the phone anytime you wanted. Now you get a person offshore who does not understand the issues and will not escalate your concerns. 


We received a high fraud order, which we canceled within 2 hours of receiving it. The fraud analysis "recommends canceling the order," which we did. The refund was issued, and we went about our business as usual.


A week later, the customer charged back the order! I am unsure how that was possible since the order was canceled. So, Shopify took the order value (close to $500) and started a chargeback. So now, not only did we refund the order, but Shopify has taken an additional $500 out of our account.  My best guess as to how the customer was able to make a change is Shopify must be very slow in refunding orders.


I try to get support and can only chat.  The person on the chat said we did everything correctly, and they are not sure how they were able to do a chargeback, but rest assured that Shopify is on our side and will do everything they can to make it right, and we include the chat messages in our reply for the chargeback.  They assured me this was an anomoly and Shopify would ensure we get our money back.


3 months go by and we finally get a notice in Shopify that the bank has sided with the customer and that the case was closed.


I opened up the ticket again and asked WTF was going on, and again, the generic response was, "If you have an order suspected of fraud, you should cancel it." we did, but the order was never shipped, and the customer was refunded.  I explain this to them. And all they can say is the bank's decision is final.


This is very scary because Shopify does not support their merchants at all.  And we have no way to see why the bank decided what they did, or to appeal it. Shopify keeps the information secret, and honestly, we have no idea if Shopify even sent in the documentation we supplied. This is all handled through Shopify, and you are left out of the process.


Anyway, long story short, even if you do the exact correct steps with a high fraud order, you may still get a chargeback, and you will not win.



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And in most cases, you can't present your case directly to the credit card company.  You have to rely on Shopify.  I just refunded an order with a Medium Fraud Analysis and am just waiting for something to go awry.  

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Yes we have experienced the same, as well as customer using valid credit cards, receiving products, then placing a chargeback.  I recently made my own post here about this.  Credit card companies ALWAYS side with their customers leaving us without our product or payment.  Word is out about his type of fraud and we are getting hit all the time.  Shopify won't let us talk to the "banks" and do nothing to fight for us.  I will probably go elsewhere with better security.  Credit card companies (banks) are the main issue here, they don't even consider the facts and automatically side with their customers.  It's either to save time and effort or continue their woke policies.