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For several weeks now we have had a problem during checkout on our Shopify stores. This is a problem many people are having in various Discords, Twitter and forums. Customers can either not checkout, get an error or the page keeps loading and nothing happens. After contacting Shopify several times, the problem is still not solved and they act as if nothing is wrong. However, the statistics don't lie. Conversion rate is down heavily. Normally 60-70% of the people who reached the checkout buy, the last few weeks it has been 20%. We lost so much money because of this.
Is there anyone who is still experiencing this problem or have a solution for it?

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Hello @ecomneth8,


Checkout is a really important step in a customer buying journey.
It seems that in such a case you need to debug the checkout to find an answer.
Also, you need thoroughly review your conversions, check hitmaps and session recordings (or install such a program) to understand your website visitors' behavior.
If you need any assistance, please, let me know.

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Hi, there @ecomneth8.


Welcome to the Shopify Community and thank you for sharing your question here.


I understand that for quite some time customers are unable to checkout on your store. You mentioned you've contacted Shopify Support however, the issue is not resolved. Rest assured, I'll do my best to investigate this issue with you.


At this present time, Shopify is not currently experiencing any checkout issues according to our Shopify Status page


I'd like to gather a bit more context on your case to better understand the issue. Could you provide information on the following:


  • Please share your store URL.
  • Could you share a screenshot or video of the error customers are seeing on their end?
  • Are the affected customers located in the same area?
  • What payment gateways are customers selecting when heading to checkout?
  • Is the page continuously loading on the cart page or directly in the checkout after entering customer information?
  • Are you able to replicate the issue?


Without being able to access account-specific information via Community Forums, any detailed information or screenshots can help us effectively troubleshoot. 


I look forward to your reply and learning more!

Victoria | Shopify 
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Was this ever fixed? June 2023 and this is happening and Shopify will not admit something is wrong.

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I am having this issue again. We will need to switch from shopify if it continues, the checkout is the one thing that needs to actually work or this is all pointless.

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Google analytics was our issue. If you pay for Google Ad's have your account manager lookal at your analytics for your store checkout.

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I do use google ads, can you tell me what you changed to make it work?

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We were able find that the issue was caused by the "leadtracker.js" file, which is added by your Google Tag Manager script. Google first said oh no, no way their stuff caused an issue but then later admitted it did. They sent us an updated Google Analytics 4 script to add to our store.

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Hi Owner199 - I hope you don't mind me contacting you - do you have any more details about your solution? 

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Corrupt script from our google ad's manager.

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Did you get the Google ads manager to fix it or is it something you can fix on your own?

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Make them fix it, it's their fault.