Shopify Checkout Shipping Errors

Shopify Checkout Shipping Errors

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We have customers on our Shopify store who have had issues checking out and completing their order recently. They receive the below messages when selecting shipping options and trying to complete the order. The problem appears to happen on desktop/computer and when a customer is logged into Shopify/Shop Pay. Using a guest checkout does not seem to produce the same error or if they checkout on a mobile device/phone.


Shopify checkout page shipping errors:

“Available shipping methods have been updated. Confirm your choice before checking out.”

“The shipping options have changed for your order. Review your selection and try again.”


Also we utilize the Boxify app to generate most shipping rates along with a few custom generated Shopify rates, but the shipping rates that show from Boxify seem to be related to the shipping errors. We don't believe Boxify is the primary error, but possibly something with Shopify's code, checkout page, or backend. Our checkout page was recently updated with Shopify, so not sure if part of it or something else. 


Would appreciate if Shopify technical support team could seriously look into this problem as we found other older forums that referenced the same issues before and it seemed related to Shopify shipping apps and whenever the checkout page was changed or updated by Shopify. Please reach out and post below if you are having similar issues as it will hopefully help Shopify know that this is a known problem. Thank you.


Older Shopify forum post referencing similar issues 

Screenshot 2024-06-28 at 1.00.57 AM.png

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Hey, @thankful44

That does look strange. It looks like we'll need to access your account in order to resolve this issue. While we're not able to provide account-specific support via community at this time, we'd be happy to continue assisting you through our available support channels. Please visit our help center and login for assistance.


If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.

Dirk | Social Care @ Shopify 
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