Shopify closed my account without any notice.

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Shopify is malicious to individuals and small business sellers.

They cancelled my account without any notice. There is only one email to inform the store that the risk is not suitable for shopify. This is unreasonable. My product is a normal product and there is no violation. My store did not violate any shopify rules. .

I provided my driver’s license, passport, address proof and product purchase order, and I provided all the information requested by shopify. I certify that it was Shopify’s fault to cancel my account because my store did not violate Shopify’s rules. In the end they still did not restore my account and took all the money from our store.

As a victim. My shop is gone, I spent a lot of time and money to run my shop. In the end, shopify stole my shop and stole all the sales of my shop. No reason and no notice.

Shopify is a thief. If my store cannot be restored, I will collect all evidence. I will protect my rights as a legal seller in accordance with the law.

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This is the unspoken risk you take in using a generalized SaSS platform you own none of the infrastructure and are entitled to just as much.

This is something you have to pursue privately with Shopify to try and determine if your account or store was possibly flagged incorrectly.

Regardless Shopify is not required to provide notice they are a service with a TOS that favors being able to protect themselves at anytime they see fit.

If Shopify determines they do not want your business they have every right to close a shopify store using shopify resources.


As for money that is a legal matter you need to talk with an actual lawyer about,  going over this with random people on a forum like it's a facebook post gets no where.


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