Shopify Contact form SUBJECT LINE text : How to change?

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All my emails coming from the contact form have the subject 'New customer message'. How do I change this text to something better?

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Hi all - for what it's worth, we installed an app called G:Form Builder ‑ Contact Form and it's excellent and cheap. You can specify everything regarding how the contact form is submitted - and even create a subject line dynamically using form info. I don't work for them or know them, but I'm really happy with our form submissions now!

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Shopify really needs to change this...very archaic. Come on Shopify team, step it up! It's an easy fix...just do it.

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Any updates on this?

I tried with G:Form Builder ‑ Contact Form, but I seem still unable to add a subject line field that will result in the customer's subject line showing as the subject when I receive the emails.

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Okay it is more than a year later and Shopify has not rectified their contact form. How is the Subject line of any use? How do we delegate messages?

"New customer message on September 18, 2021 at 10:05 am"

Well No duh...we know it is a new message and our inbox tells us already the date and time.

We need subject lines:

[Check on Order] [Request Change to Order] [Question about Product] or [Subject Input _] NOT... "New customer message"

Along with [Customer Name] in the Subject title would be helpful ... (instead of the date and time)

Shopify, get a clue. This is frustrating!!!


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Adding to this, it's really unhelpful that customers can't tell me what they're wanting from the subject line. They should be able to select an option at least.