Shopify Contact form SUBJECT LINE text : How to change?

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All my emails coming from the contact form have the subject 'New customer message'. How do I change this text to something better?

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Hi all - for what it's worth, we installed an app called G:Form Builder ‑ Contact Form and it's excellent and cheap. You can specify everything regarding how the contact form is submitted - and even create a subject line dynamically using form info. I don't work for them or know them, but I'm really happy with our form submissions now!

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Shopify really needs to change this...very archaic. Come on Shopify team, step it up! It's an easy fix...just do it.

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Any updates on this?

I tried with G:Form Builder ‑ Contact Form, but I seem still unable to add a subject line field that will result in the customer's subject line showing as the subject when I receive the emails.

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Okay it is more than a year later and Shopify has not rectified their contact form. How is the Subject line of any use? How do we delegate messages?

"New customer message on September 18, 2021 at 10:05 am"

Well No duh...we know it is a new message and our inbox tells us already the date and time.

We need subject lines:

[Check on Order] [Request Change to Order] [Question about Product] or [Subject Input _] NOT... "New customer message"

Along with [Customer Name] in the Subject title would be helpful ... (instead of the date and time)

Shopify, get a clue. This is frustrating!!!


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Adding to this, it's really unhelpful that customers can't tell me what they're wanting from the subject line. They should be able to select an option at least.  

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@Hank Shopify partner here. I want to bump this thread.


It's really shocking that Shopify has built "contact forms" but then didn't add any of the tools that actually make them useful. People need control of the title for an email sent to them. Here's what I really want: Just add a liquid field on the {% form %} tag like this:


{%- form 'contact', id: 'ContactForm', title:'New Custom Order' -%}
This is a really simple eight-years-and-running request that doesn't seem to die. Maybe a good reason to bump it up the roadmap. Maybe just put an dev intern on it for a day? Pretty please?
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I completely understand the frustration surrounding this issue, and I am adding your feedback to the merchants' frustration page for our developers. We are constantly striving to improve the platform and your input is greatly appreciated! While we cannot guarantee a deadline or estimated roll-out of a feature, rest assured that our team takes your comments seriously.

Thanks for your patience in the meantime, we hope to be able to implement your suggestions where feasible as soon as possible.

Andrew | Social Care @ Shopify 
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please oh please Shopify let us change the subject line....

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This is very problamatic with Zendesk. Pre-Shopify, we leverged rules in Zendesk based on the form subject to automate where form submissions land within the our customer service department/company. This is no longer possible as all submissions look the same now. This is something that should not require a third-party app to solve.


Additionally, the Shopify form comes into Zendesk in a very hard-to read format. It basically drops the form into the conversation thread, rather then passing the text fields. This was not an issue pre-Shopify.


It's been almost two years since first reported and three times Shopify Staff have replied with updates saying that they have shared the feedback. There have been over two dozen merchants that have expressed concerns on how this affects communication with customers.


I'm not a developer but this feels like a low effort fix that would make alot of us much happier.

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I solve this issue by adding space on the contact[ subject].






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just add space on the input name tag. between [ and subject.



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This doesn't change anything. The subject (title) of the contact form email we get is still "New customer message on..." 



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+1 vote on this issue. The ability to specify a subject, or at the very least, to allow us to add some tag to the subject line will be invaluable in allowing us to filter messages based on the subject of our choosing (or additional tags on the subject line that we can specify) , if you still insist on having "New customer message" ). 




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Do we have an update on this? I'm a developer and one of my client is requesting this to be changed. Thank you.

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Many moons have passed since your last update on this.. any news ?