Shopify Contact form SUBJECT LINE text : How to change?

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All my emails coming from the contact form have the subject 'New customer message'. How do I change this text to something better?

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+1, the email forced replies with a tacky/mundane subject line and reply box highly effects workflow and looks so... Shopify. Custom features have been built for high end enterprise clients. I think at least adding a base feature to the majority of all the small-medium businesses here is practical of an ask. Helps us brand and especially so we don't all look the same, so Shopifyish.

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Bump on this. So many case uses for this feature and I cant imagine that it would be that difficult to implement. PLEASE???

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Same question here, Paul (almost three years later...). Dear Shopify team, this needs to be done as soon as possible. Thanks a lot

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Nearly 3 years with no response to our request.. Shopify PLEASE do something. It is not a big amount of effort to change this!

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Since today is the 1 year anniversary of my original post on 2/22/22, I thought I'd have some fun and drop another reply and see how many more years go by before this is resolved. I see there have been many more Shopify merchants sharing frustration on this topic without any response or action from Shopify. Shopify is busy pumping out large updates, most recently in Editions Winter '23 . Perhaps we will see our update in the Winter '24 Editions?  

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Yeah. I was really surprised myself that nothing happens here at all.
Seems like you created a little chat group for one tiny topic that
shopify doesnt want to fix for no understandable reason. At least we
dont understand. regards, Niko
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I bumped this topic to my CSM on a few occasions and she relayed to me that an internal ticket has been created. She said she checks on it from time to time, so the reality is they must not view this as something worthy of their resources. I realize it's a low priority but at some point the low-hanging fruit needs picked.

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Another vote to get this done.

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My vote also for changing the subject for contact form. It's so ugly right now?!

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I guess I will hop on the please implement this bandwagon. I replied to a customer without changing the subject line and the finally responded letting me know that they thought the customer service email was spam because of the subject line created by Shopify that I can't change. I am happy to go into the code to change the email subject line if that is what it takes, just give us a way!

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Yep! Another vote for this basic feature.

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It's very difficult when looking through my inbox and every subject line is the same to remember which email I wanted to address or which one I had just looked at. Also some email clients will lump multiple customer's conversations into the same thread because of the subject line.

I just want the customer to input a subject line. Because they can't, I will have to remove all contact forms from our website and just put our email address for them to copy and paste.

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+1 to all of the above. Com'n Shopify, this is getting silly already. A liquid form variable to control the subject line is NOT too much to ask for.

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It seems Shopify always relies on their app eco system for any improvements or tools that would be standard anywhere else.  This simple request is a perfect example of really why the Shopify eco system is not working.   They would rather advertise that they only charge $29 per month but forget to mention that once you are done and you need all these apps that are created to help the store, that more than 1/2 should be included with the platform.   this make your real monthly cost anywhere from $100 to $1000 depending on which tools you need.    Having said that the apps do not work together either with Shopify being at the centre hub for universal center.   The apps have to be integrated together in order to work.   Plus the design side for edit your pages and products has been left to page builders who in the beginning where charging $39 per month for the tools that should have been already supplied by SHopify's platform, and now they range from $99 to $299 per month.   So shopify doesn't really want to enhance their platform when they can let the app developers do it and they get a cut of all the increase money.   What shopify doesn't realize is their competition is offering better value for the platforms they are on and include tools that shopify like to charge for.   So this will be my last website i use shopify for.   All future websites will be a different platform and I will be telling others about my findings after 13 years on Shopify.    Really surprised, and extremely disappointed.   THis feature request is just one example of many reasons why people will start looking else where.  



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It's almost 2024, rapidly approaching 4 years.  This is not a complicated request.  I'm sure it would take no more than 5 to 10 minutes to code the ability to the store owner's hands.  The fact that 5.6 million Shopify stores send the EXACT SAME subject line to literally tens-of-millions customers is probably the reason Gmail sends ~50% of Shopify emails directly to SPAM.


Get on it.

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Almost 4 years later and this still isn't possible? WTF shopify?

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+1 for adding this insanely basic feature

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It's seriously nuts that this hasn't been updated by now.  I could write the code to fix this **at scale** in a day.  This has nothing to do with "limited resources".  I can only guess it's a way for them to milk us for more fees through third party apps.

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Also STILL waiting for this feature. How is Shopify a top platform but with some terrible features. Seems like this could be fixed in a day for thousands of people. Does Shopify not want to keep us happy?