Shopify Email - Scam or Real Email

Shopify Email - Scam or Real Email

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Hello Shopify, I recently got an email regarding a problem with my online store saying there was malicious activity in my website and dangerous codes in the checkout and home page. The email that sent me this was The email also stated that in 5 days my store would be permanently disabled unless I take action immediately. The email also had a big red sign saying, “Five days. Five days and it’s all over” I was told to send a message via Telegram to get help with a Shopify Expert. I did that and the person that is helping me seems like a scam and is asking for $100 to fix the problem with a Shopify Software that removes viruses. Please help me because I don’t want to risk giving my payment info to a scammer or lose my whole store permanently and my hard work. Is this a legit email that gets sent out and real issue that needs to be resolved or is it a money-making scam that I should turn away from? 

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@Nico24 . There is no shopify software that removes viruses. Also, it seems like he is using words with the intention to scare you so that you will buy into his deal. It's a scam.

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