Shopify experts on Instagram.

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Hi, I set up my store about 2 weeks ago and also made an Instagram page for my store in order to promote. Anyways ever since I've started I've had so called shopify experts, one in particular asking to be a store collaborator.


I am looking into collaborating with someone to help me with store redesign, seo etc but are these people on Instagram legit or are they scammers?

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Shopify Partner
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Hi, if you are doubtful of their expertise and credibility, and if you are only looking for someone to collaborate with for store redesign, you can ask them to create a mockup store first without giving them access to your store yet. If they are a legit Shopify expert, they would know how to do that. With that mockup store, they can show you their proposed design and if you like it then you can both proceed. And always start with a signed contract for both parties.