Shopify File Management & File Update

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I have 50+ products, some with long user Manuals in PDF form.

Shopify's way of uploading a file and adding link to the product description is fine until I have will update that file. In order to update that file, I will need to delete that file, re-upload it with the new file. The link of that file will change. I will then have to update that link on the product page and all the other blog page that contain this file. If I don't do that, the link will be broken.

URL Redirects is not a good solution because it will create a Mess with 50+ links.
The only thread on the forum I saw about this is

Anyone have a good solution?

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Shopify Partner
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I am building a simple file manager that supports directories, maintaining file names (which should solve your issue) and searchability. If you're interested, you can sign up here -