Shopify Flow to Get Adjustment Reason details on InventoryQuantityChange

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I run 6 brick and mortar stores with new inventory pouring in every week.

I face the high risk of a staff member reducing the inventory quantity and therefore, fraudulently misplacing said item.

I want to be notified when a staff manually adjusts inventory (instead of when the inventory quantity is changed as result of an order). The Adjustment History page provides these details (adjustment reason) but there is no possible way that I can keep manually checking the history every waking second of the day (It also requires us to go down to the individual variant page to get these details, I have around 40 variants for each product!!)Screen Shot 2024-02-01 at 2.04.16 AM.png



Now, Is there a way to create a shopify flow (or any other means) to send an email on inventory quantity change when the "adjustment reason" is not an order, but a staff's manual adjustment?

Looking through shopify docs, I came across InventoryAdjustmentGroup.reason but there is no documentation or examples on how to use this variable. I couldn't find any other variable I could use in the email body.


Please help. This is an open loop hole to be exploited in an organization like mine.

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Looks like this isn't available in the API. There are quite a few other forums posts on this topic:


From what I can tell that InventoryAdjustmentGroup.reason reference in the API docs is only for a mutation, not a query.

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