Shopify for Hotels

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Hey folks, 


I would like to build a website for a hotel. I want the hotel website to include the following:

- Booking Engine 

- Channel Manager

- Real time connection with OTA's


Is Shopify a solution for hotel websites?


Please Advice me as I am lost. 

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Hi Teo, and thanks for posting!  


I'm Chris, from BookThatApp, a Shopify booking app.


BookThatApp can be used for hotel reservations, although there are some restrictions native to the Shopify platform (mostly around seasonal pricing).  It would depend on the complexity of your pricing model.   


Here's an example of BookThatApp being used for accommodation booking to give you an idea of the experience. 


There is no channel management capabilities within Shopify but BookThatApp has an API allowing you to build integrations to OTA's or other third party websites.  You can also export and import bookings via iCal to ensure availability is correctly reflected across multiple sites.


Feel free to drop us a line at with some more details and we can advise if Shopify/BookThatApp can support your requirements.




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@Teo89 I will let you know we've gone thru a year of using Book that Ap. The response time on questions was wonderful, but honestly after a while there was lots of confusion as different team members offered different solutions. In the end it was not the best experience... BUT I've yet to find a better one at this point.


Conclusion: Not sure if I'd recommend Shopfiy if all you want to do is hotel.

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@UncleLeroy after big research, I concluded that the best solution for my and my clients ( I am a web designer) is not Shopify. Shopify is a powerful platform for eshops. That's it! Anyone that needs a powerful eshop, with a hugely dynamic, Shopify is standing good.


In regards to hotels websites, connectivity with booking systems, PMS and more, the best solution to start with is WordPress, not because it is cheap to us but due to its flexibility in the coding to make things work just fine for a hotel up to 500 rooms!!


All you need is a good looking website and a PMS to do the rest of it. It took me 4 months to figure this out. 

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Hello there, I'm in the beginning of creating a Hotel website and I'm lost. Could you please advise me what add-ons, apps, themes, should be used for Wordpress (in therms of connectivity with booking systems, PMS and more) You can write me at:

Thanks in advance!