Shopify Future Code Stack - Which Direction?

Shopify Future Code Stack - Which Direction?

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Good day!  Getting starting moving a large application over to Shopify but confused on the future tech stack.  I've read about Liquid-templates are vital to shopify....but also read that Hydrogen Remix/React is the future code stack.

Does anyone know which direction Shopify plans to go?  (below for more details on each approach).


Liquid-built themes and stores are a vital part of Shopify and will remain so in the future. Shopify is continuously improving its support for liquid-based stores with new CMS capabilities. The vast majority of Shopify and Plus stores are built using Liquid.


But then....


Is Shopify using Hydrogen or Liquid?
Hydrogen accelerates the commerce development process by using Shopify's foundational tech stack. Hydrogen serves as the next-generation tech stack for Shopify-based sites, replacing the Liquid framework used to date. As such, Shopify storefronts launched on Liquid need to be rebuilt using Hydrogen.

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