Shopify has overcharged my monthly subscription. HELP.

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I am in major need of assistance. 

I initially signed up for a 'free trial' $1 for a 3 month period. The 'Shopify' plan advertised at $65 US. I have been charged $105 US.
I start to investigate and I see that the 'Shopify' plan is in fact $79 US and not the initial $65 US as advertised.
I get my first bill from Shopify and I have been charged $105 US for the 'Shopify' plan and there is no one to contact for support. 

My Shop is not yet active and I don't see any reason why I would be receiving any hidden charges. 

Can some one please explain to me how this makes sense and how to have the incorrect charges refunded. 

I need this amended ASAP!


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Hey @Bahbu 


I would suggest you to contact Shopify support to get this straightened out and get more info on what the charges are about. There could be a possibility of backlog payment but Shopify support team can answer it and provide details.


You can contact them here -


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I was ALSO charged with a 105$ subscription while I had signed up for the 1 dollar for 3 months for shopify. This is ridiculous. No way to call and contact shopify, or anything!! Help Me ASAP.