Shopify Holding Funds past Expired Reserve Date

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Has anyone else had Shopify continue to hold your funds back your Reserve Expiration Date? My account was terminated (still don't know why) back in July 2023 and I was told my funds would be available Nov. 16, 2023. Nov. 16, 2023 I reach back out to their Legal Shopify email team asking how to access my funds. They tell me the funds will be released in 2-3 business days to the account on file. At this point it's 4 months later and I don't know what account they have on file as I can't access my account. I can access my Shopify Balance App still and see I have $623.59 still in there. I try and hit the "move balance" option and add a routing and account number as it asks, yet it tells me my account is locked. I have emailed the "Legal Shopify" time a number of times as it's almost 4 weeks past now and I get no response. I go to the 24/7 chat are on the website and all they tell you is to use your Ticket Number and email the Legal team back. This is horrible service. Per my agreement with you, you could reserve my funds for that time period, but that time period is up and you are still holding my funds and my Shopify cards are locked so I can't even use my own money that way. Shopify had zero complaints or chargeback in the time they held my funds too. I need someone to email or call me and get this resolved and closed . 

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Right now I am experiencing the same nonsense. My reserve expires and still I haven’t received my money. It’s as if they’ve still got a hold on it even though I was told it was going to be in my account within 3-5 business days. I’m so frustrated and the customer service is trash.