Shopify ignoring my inventory quantity when i upload csv

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Hi. I have an online bookstore here on shopify and only one physical location. I am trying to upload around a 300 books from a csv file. The quantity of each book that i have available is 1. Ive entered the same quantity in my csv and named shopify as my variant inventory tracker as well. However, whenever I import my csv in the products category, it shows my variant quantity as 0. At the time of importing, when i click "change the order of column headings" it shows that the column of Variant Inventory Qty is being ignored and I cant change that no matter what i try. 

Ive been trying to fix this for hours now and each time it ignores my column. A friend of mine has a similar business to mine on shopify and she has never faced this issue. I cant possibly sit and manually increase the quantity on each product one by one. 

Any help to resolve this ASAP would be greatly appreciated. I have a discount sale planned to start on the 9th and i cant possibly afford such a delay.



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The ability to update inventory on product csv imports was deprecated around October. You now need to use inventory csv import for quantities:



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Hi @bookshelfpk 

You can try Mixtable's Excel-like spreadsheet interface to directly update your Shopify product inventory in bulk without having to export/import CSVs. Mixtable will also show you a message if the inventory update fails for some reason (e.g., you haven't set up Shopify to track inventory for a specific product).

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Hello, may I ask you a question.
I am in your position: I have an online bookstore on Shopify and only one physical location

Obviously, when I sell online, the Shopify system automatically reduces the number of books on my inventory.
When I sell books in my physical location, I have to keep a physical record of the barcode of the book which I have sold. At the end of the day, I go to my shopify inventory and manually adjust the inventory.

May I ask: at your physical location, are you able to adjust your inventory in real-time by scanning an ISBN and communicating that to your Shopify system.

I have the basic Shopify subscription.

Many thanks and best wishes,  Pat McMahon at Quay Books, Limerick, Ireland.

Pat at Quay Books, Limerick, Ireand

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When you have over 10,000 products in your store from various vendors and api's not being able to upload inventory quantity with the initial csv file upload makes things very difficult.  I am trying the mix table app.  let's see how this goes