Shopify import csv override existing product does not make a difference - does not override values.

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I created a basic CSV file to import. I filled up the following fields: Handle Title Body (HTML) Vendor Tags Option1 Name Option1 Value Option2 Name Option2 Value Option3 Name Option3 Value Variant SKU Variant Inventory Policy Variant Fulfillment Service and status. Variant inventory policy was 'deny', variant fulfillment service was 'manual' and status was 'active'.

Price, quantity, and other fields were left empty and imported the CSV. The import was successful did what it was supposed to do.

On the next go, I entered the price on some of the variations on the CSV and imported it again. This time while importing I checked "Override any current products", expecting that the price will be overridden from empty to whatever price I entered this time. The import was successful however, the price did not change. The price was the same as before - $0.00 and not the value I entered in the CSV.

I am new to Shopify and was curious to know if this is normal behavior, I am pretty sure it's not. what am I missing here.

Any input will be appreciated. 

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If the content isn't updating, it would suggest that the CSV file hasn't been successfully imported. You will receive an email that will tell you whether or not the CSV import is successful. Could you share the contents of the import email? It will tell you what errors need to be fixed in order to successfully import your CSV file. 

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Hi @ashishrij 

For more intuitive bulk editing, without having to juggle CSVs, take a look at Mixtable. Mixtable is like Google Sheets, but with all Excel-style formulas and behavior. And it seamlessly syncs to and from Shopify. You can easily paste your data as described in order to bulk edit your Shopify store's data.