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Shopify Inbox App NOT WORKING!!!

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I am getting so fed up with Shopify and their "Inbox" app. I had a great chat app I was using but it was kind of a pain because the dashboard was separate from Shopify so I never logged in and you had to be logged in in order to be able to allow customers to live chat you.


So I found out that Shopify has their own live chat through this app called "Inbox" and so stupidly I added it and removed my other one completely. It worked for maybe a day. Then I changed the color of the chat icon from black to pink and since then, it stopped showing for my customers on the front end. And I went to Shopify support about it and they couldn't tell me what the issue was, that was over this past weekend and I am still waiting on some help with it. It's broken and Shopify is doing nothing about it.


First, I tried to remove the app from my store and add it back, assuming it would add the code back if there was something maybe I cut out of the code accidently when I was cleaning up some code. Turns out, I can't even remove the app on first attempt, looks like it's gone, then you refresh and there it is again, back in my admin. Then I do it again, and again and again. Finally after maybe the 5th time, clear cache, sign out, sign back in, etc... I finally get the app to delete. I then add it back, it still doesn't work. Another issue I found is if I go into the app appearance area and try to change the settings from an open window to a closed window, turn it off and then on again so I get a save button (if you only try to change window views, there is no way to save it and the page doesn't refresh on it's own), I save it and then go back to the page and it's still set on open. You can do it either way many times and it still doesn't change.


So my question is, it's been a week of this with this app, does Shopify ever fix anything??? Anyone use this app and not have any issues? I was even told by the last Shopify Guru that Shopify knew of an issue with people not being able to delete the app and that that was the only issue they knew of and that it was now fixed. Well I went to try it again, NOT FIXED!


How can I get these issues straight to developers that are supposed to fix these things? I feel like the Guru's never really get you anywhere with these types of issues. I have a developer waiting to get into my site in which I hired to do some work for me and I can't do that work until this is fixed and it's just wasting all of my time!

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I have the same issue, very annoying cuz we are losing our customers and their trust from the first-page straight. Shopify help please, how can I delete this app?