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Shopify inventory numbers not matching with raw data

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Has anyone had issue where the Shopify inventory on their website not matching with the raw data from Shopify? Thanks.

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There are a few potential reasons for this discrepancy:

1) Shopify inventory is updated in real-time, while raw data inventory may be delayed.


2) Shopify inventory may be adjusted for Shopify's Out-of-Stock Threshold.


3) Some Shopify products may be set to "track inventory," while others may not.


4) Shopify products may be set to "auto-manage inventory," while raw data products may not.


5) Shopify products may have different variants with different inventory levels.


If you are still having trouble after taking these factors into account, reach out to Shopify support for further assistance.


If you're looking for help with Shopify development, please feel free to contact me at I'm a Certified Shopify developer and I'd be happy to help you with your project.
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Thank you. I will look into it.