Shopify is fraud

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I encourage you not to buy from any store that uses the Shopify platform to sell their products, since they do not guarantee the safety of their customers, they can see the discussions and many of us are scammed by companies that are not forced to send their products. Shopify give useless solution advice and worst customer service, don't buy, don't use, save your money

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@WealthySL wrote:

..they do not guarantee the safety of their customers,.

Shopify is not conducting a transaction with you it is providing the services by which OTHER businesses conduct business.

When you buy from a store in a shopping mall your that specific stores customer and NOT the shopping mall.

The shopping malls customers are the store owners.

If you have an accident on the road with another car you take it up with the other car owner not the road.


If you have an issue with a private business seek other methods such as issuing a chargeback if you made a purchase with a credit card, or raise a dispute if you used a service such as paypal.


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