Shopify lack of support - a rant

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So I have had a Shopify store for about 3 and a half years now and in all that time I would say that maybe 10-15% of the time I've had an actual positive or productive discussion via online support, the rest has been worthless and frankly agitating. I'm continuously appalled that Shopify doesn't have an email we can reach out to and doesn't appear to have escalated support beyond their monitor monkeys (which are undoubtedly largely in India).


A couple days ago I received a dispute charge back for a transaction which Shopify FAILED to flag as potentially fraudulent. It was a first time customer, the payment gateway info on the transaction had address line 1 verification FAILED and had risk level "escalated" being reported by the payment gateway. The card holder name did not match the buyer's name and the billing address was a PO BOX 600 miles away from the delivery address and Shopify didn't so much as raise a "moderate risk" flag for us to review it. Had it done so, I would have caught these elements and probably reversed the charge, but now we are not only out the item value and the shipping cost but also the BS bank theft of a $15 fee.

All in all I don't think it's unreasonable to expect Shopify's precious fraud algorithm they always try and throw in our face when we raise concerns about charge backs, to actually flag any order that has non-matching names, bad billing address info or (and most obviously) elevated risk being reported by the payment gateway. Instead the stupid program tries to be clever in some back-asswards way and ends up flagging completely valid customers who have ordered a hundred times with the same payment method and still doesn't do THAT consistently either, so their algorithm, the solution they tout, is fully garbage.


But evidently that is too much to ask that they condition their flagging system more logically, because I went around and around with their customer dis-service trying to explain how unreasonable it is for them to pass the burden of, not only the expense and liability but to expect us to "debug" every transaction to make sure we feel it's legitimate and worth the risk. Isn't that part of why we are paying you 2.5% to 2.8% of all card transactions; to make sure your automated process warns us of the most obvious and critical elements that could mean fraud?


They also love to link to their "preventing fraud" article which suggests that we call customers and verify info with them (which if it is fraud they'll just be lying to us anyways), and ask for ID which is absurd for an online business to ask for. They constantly blow us off with lines like "it's the risk of doing business online" or give us their article link which is 100% useless. I understand that there is no way to really catch friendly fraud aka deliberate post purchase chargebacks from the actual buyer, but what I'm describing in my account above was ACTUAL fraud from someone who stole a credit card from a PO box and it didn't flag a damned thing in Shopify's system.


To any Shopify Agent reading or 3rd party App developer: I'm not in the least bit interested in the "There's an app for that" solutions, so do not bother suggesting an app that would require us to make over 1.5 million in sales before the cost even begins to be reasonable for such fraud prevention software solutions. We as smaller retailers are just expected to buck up and eat the cost because our chargebacks are small and infrequent enough that it's nowhere near the cost of these stupid apps; it's worse than insurance or a protection racket (wait... insurance IS a protection racket).


I only bring this up here in hopes that someone effectual will notice and escalate the concern to the tech department so you will seriously consider implementing a better transaction flagging method that will take into account at VERY LEAST when the payment gateway itself tells you it's an escalated risk. I think that alone would indicate Shopify has some potential liability when that gets ignored by you and not passed along by way of a moderate or high risk warning to us by the Shopify back end.


Anyways, thanks to those who read this and please if you agree with me as a Shopify store owner, comment here so that the community staffers will notice and not just write me off as an angry customer ranting, because this is an issue that affects our productivity and livelihoods and would only require a few lines of conditional coding to check for the 3 most important inconsistencies or gateway warnings in order to flag us that it could be a problem. Thanks.

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Shopify isn't listening is the basis of it.   Same as charging fees on a fraudulent transaction to the shop owners, and closing stores that are legally allowed to sell licensed goods.  Shopify Aint care.  They got yo money already.