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Shopify made my store inactive suddenly!

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Hi Everyone, 

Shopify has made my store inactive suddenly and without any prior notification. And, it has been one week already without any information about what is going on, and worst there is no one to talk to, except the support agents who only keep asking me to wait everytime I chat to them. This is very bad!!!

has anyone ever had a similar situation?  how long does the review take usually? should I be worried about the security/safety of my store and other sensitive details ?

One week ?!!!  I am very very disappointed with shopify! Do they know that people are trying to do business here ?!  it should take one hour not one week!!!

Seems like the volume is too much for shopify to handle!!!

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I am in the exact same boat as you. It has been 10 days now and have not gotten anywhere. I am being told the same information as you. That I should wait and there is nothing else they can do. I also did not receive any prior warning or any form of contact when they decided to put my store on inactive. Since the store is being reviewed the customer service agent can not even see what the issue is. I am quite disappointed in shopify.

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Hello, i am have same problem with you, i want to ask. Did you get your store back?

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Hi Sophiavog
Thanks for your message. 
I can not access my store admin neither! Nothing, Nada!  

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Even we are also facing the issue, we have 2 stores in same account. They have deactivated both the account without any prior notice. It is very frustrating.