Shopify Marketing Data Not Loading

Shopify Marketing Data Not Loading

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I am trying to look at the marketing data for one of my automation series. Before I click on the specific automation campaign, the data shows regular numbers in reach and sessions. However, after I click on the automation to view the marketing data for the individual marketing emails, the numbers all show as zero and a banner pops up on the top of the screen that says:

There was a problem loading your results from marketing

Some of your marketing data isn’t available right now. Try reloading the page or come back later to access data about your online store sessions, orders, sales, and cost from marketing.


I have reloaded the page a million times and the page has stayed this way for about a week. I don't know if there is an issue with the automation or if Shopify is having issues with displaying peoples' marketing data, but I would like to solve this problem so I can view accurate data. Please help me. 

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