Shopify merchant trust and safety team disabled my store

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Hi everyone,


I'm hoping to get some advice and insights from others who may have experienced a similar situation. About 15 days ago, my Shopify account was deactivated due to a delay in providing requested documents to the Merchant Trust Team.


When they initially asked for the documents, I submitted them promptly. However, since then, I haven't received any updates or communication regarding the status of my account reactivation.

I've reached out to the Merchant Trust Team already, requesting an update, but I'm still waiting to hear back from them. In the meantime, having my account deactivated is really hurting my business.


Has anyone else gone through this account deactivation and reactivation process with Shopify? If so, I'd really appreciate any advice or tips you may have, such as:


- What was your experience like in terms of timeline for reactivation after submitting docs?
- Are there any other steps I should be taking to escalate this or get their attention?
- Did you end up having to provide any additional information beyond the initial documents requested?


Any insights would be extremely helpful as I navigate this situation. I really want to get my account back up and running as soon as possible.



Thanks in advance for your advice!

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