Shopify Mobile App Notification Sound Gone?

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I know this is petty small time stuff, but its important to me. My "Cha-Ching" sound isn't working!


I just updated the Shopify app on my Android device (Samsung  S20+ I believe) and it defaulted to my default app notification sound. I tried changing it back and it was gone. Uninstalled/Reinstalled Shopify App - no luck. I also tried Deleting Cache/Data, uninstalling, reinstalling. I even tried the "install shopify notification sounds" button in the settings>notifications area - still nothing. 


I had this issue a few months ago and with the next update, it fixed it. Can we get this fixed ASAP? Biggest sales weekend of the year. (BFCM)



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Did you find a fix for this?  It's happening to us also and we are hoping to find a way to get the sound notification back!

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Only fix I found is uninstalling the app and re-installing it.

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Did anyone find a fix for this? It’s happening to me too….Anna 

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I just got an 22 Ultra and the same thing happened to me - I found this and it fixed it.