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Shopify not refunding my customer

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I recently created a Shopify account about a month ago to avoid eBay and Amazon fee's. I thought this platform would be easier to sell my products. I listed products and had a customer of mine purchase these products for $8,800. Shortly after, it was flagged as a high risk for fraud. I was asked to submit documents for verification and etc. and I submitted them right away. Shortly after, I was told I would not be allowed to use Shopify payments and would need to find an alternative method. I thought this was ridiculous so I contacted my customer and told him I would send him a refund and he could just mail me a check at this point. I issued the refund on October 18th and at this time he still has not been issued his refund. The last response I got was that the funds would be held for 120 days which is absurd. I've had several emails back and forth with customer service within the first week stating he would see a refund any day now. After speaking to the 3rd customer service member via email, I was told other wise. I have stated numerous times, I no longer want to sell or do anything related with Shopify and just want my customer to be refunded and my frustration is growing astronomically at this point. Here is some follow up emails with customer service:

October 23

19:14 Mitchmar (Support Advisor): Thank you, let me check this one here.

19:16 Mitchmar (Support Advisor): Thank you for waiting Andrew, upon checking here on my end that when a refund was issued specifically if the payment was made through Shop Pay Installment, the buyer can expect to receive the refund within 3-10 business days, and their Shop Pay Installments balance will be updated automatically.

19:17 : So that goes back to their credit card that they paid with?

19:18 Mitchmar (Support Advisor): That is affirmative Andrew. Refunds will always be credited using the same card that they used as a payment.

19:18 : Thanks for the help, have a great day.

19:18 System: Chat ended by client


October 31st

15:54 Zara (Support Advisor): I do see that the refund transaction was approved. Have the reached out to their banks about this by any chance?

15:57 Zara (Support Advisor): To provide some context, when you're using Shopify Payments and you issue a refund the refund is labeled as pending for up to 2 business days, and it can take up to 10 business days for your customer to receive the refunded amount. I do see that the refund was approved however it's still pending (see screenshot)

16:01 : They have reached out to Capital one.

16:01 Zara (Support Advisor): Right now there is no ARN as it's pending however you can continue to check for the Acquirer Reference Number (ARN) in the order timeline under the refund details. ARNs are available for all refunds through Shopify Payments that are sent to a Visa or Mastercard. ARNs can be used by banks and credit card providers to trace a transaction. If a customer claims they haven't received their refund, then provide the customer with the ARN and advise them to reach out to their credit card provider to investigate.

16:02 : So, they should see it anyday?

16:04 Zara (Support Advisor): Yes, exactly!

16:04 : Awesome, thanks for the help.

16:04 : Have a great day.

16:05 System: Chat ended by client


November 4th

Remember that according to the email your receive from T&S team, the pending payouts will be held for approximately 120 days. You can actually see it here in your admin:

This means that on that date, the refund can be processed. However, I'm sure that the Trust and Safety team (of which I am not a part) can assist you with this, so please send them an email requesting to enable the funds just for processing the refund, so you don't have to wait for such a long time.
Mariana Perez
Shopify | Support Advisor


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Some help with this would be nice. I’ve replied to my ticket twice now since the email on the 4th and no response:

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Here we are and still no help from customer service. I have a ticket open and they have stopped replying 6 days ago.