Shopify Notifications Odyssey

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Just when I set up my mailchimp order notifications I found out that there is no way you can turn off Shopify's order notifications and customers will receive both. Someone mentioned that Shopify plus allows you to turn them off, is that true?

I then turned to Klaviyo which allows you to create your own notifications and then copy and paste their HTML into Shopify's notifications. Built my notifications, again, but turns out most of the code isn't recognized by Shopify! Either that, or Klaviyo does HTML differently.  For example, Shopify did not recognize: {% web_view %} or the code of "frequently bought together" block. I tried Shopify's templates variables documentation but I didn't find anything relevant to the "false" tags". Any suggestions on how to make Shopify's and Klaviyo's codes work together?


I really think Shopify's notifications should be optional!!!


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Hey Buddy,


You are not alone! I am expereincing this issue now and would love to use my Klaviyo email templates I built. 


@Customerservice @shopify help us!



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I know this issue was more a year ago.

Did you ever find a solution to this? I'm was working on creating templates in klaviyo and got the "% web_view %" on the first try

importing klaviyo HTML into Shopify 

Did you ever figure this out?