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@Testing  We are running a 3PL business and gonna start the fulfillment business.

We have a WMS system in place, now before moving into the real time we wanted to do the testing in Shopify sandbox test environment.

As suggested by Shopify team we create a development store under Shopify Partners program.

1. So the question is can we able to do the testing under development store without buying any plans and connect with our WMS system for long term or should we buy a plan to do it?

2. And we wanted to create n number of orders with different scenarios and able to connect it with WMS system and to check the workflow with different SKU with different types of orders (Serial, LOT..etc). Can we do those testing in test store or is there any limitations?


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Hi @ORDWarehouse 


Please find the responses to all your questions below:-


1. Yes you can test any app on the Development store. You don't need to buy a plan to do that. Also just to add you can create multiple development stores under your Shopify partner Account, in case you need to test multiple flows.


2. Yes, there is a limitation, you can create a maximum of 50 orders in each development store. Beyond that, a plan would be required. But as I said you can create multiple development stores, which will ideally solve your problem of creating n numbers of orders.


Hope you got your answers 🙂