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I am so confused in payment methods. I have a confusion whether to sign up on Shopify US or Shopify Canada. 
I want to sell in US and my business model is  Dropship and I live in Canada. 
So I have Canadian PayPal and Bank Account. 

Should I create a US based Shopify store or Canadian Based Shopify store.
Also my Canadian PayPal will work as a payment method for US Shopify store? Also how I can add different payment methods for my customers. I only have Canadian bank account and PayPal.

I want to target people in USA for my sells. I am stuck in payment gateway. 
If I select US Shopify store, can I use my Canadian PayPal and Bank account with it as a payment gateway?
or Should I create Canadian Shopify store and it will work for US market. 

Please help me in this.

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Hi @jack,


In your case, you're supposed to be a resident of the region you set up your Shopify store in - therefore I'd go for a Canadian Shopify store. You can also connect your Canadian bank account and Paypal. Be aware that you'll be paying Shopify more fees when you sell cross border - which you might want to factor into the US prices of your products.



Shopify Payments fee that will be charged on every transaction

International currency payout fee when you sell in US but have a Canadian store

Forex fee when you need to send the USD to your CAD bank account


I'd recommend creating a Canadian USD bank account and attaching it for payouts to avoid paying the forex fee, and calculating the total fees you'll pay per order between Shopify Payments and International Currency and factor that percentage into your USD prices.

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You'd want to create a Shopify store using your Canadian address, if you're based out of Canada. 


When you set up the store, you'll need to choose a 'base currency' for the store (this is the currency used when you're entering in your product prices, and also will match the currency that you receive payouts in. 


You'd want the default currency of the store to be in CAD, if you're using a CAD bank account. 


If you only want to sell to the United States (and not accept orders in Canada), then you'd want to open a new USD bank account (you can do this via any Canadian bank). Then you'd set your store's base currency to USD and link the USD bank account to your Shopify Payments. 


Admin > Settings > Store Details > Store Currency


Once you have your store currency set up, then you can add your PayPal account & setup Shopify payments (using your bank account details). 


Next, you can set up your "Markets" so that you can choose which countries you want to sell to (and also be able to show the product prices in the customer's currency, based on where they're viewing the site from). 


So you can have a Shopify store with a Canadian address + bank account, and then set up a market for Canada (where it shows products in CAD), and then a market for USA (where it shows products in USD) ... and you should be good to go! 🙂

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