Shopify Payments are Pending - This is a Nightmare

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This is a very very serious issue!!


Shopify Payments are Pending. No way to communicate.

Stolen Income and damaging Business. Feels like a scam.


We have been using shopify for over 10 years.


We changed to shopify payments due to an advertisement for shopify capital, that we were eventually denied.

However this process removed our current payment gateway (eway) without our intention. Which now could not be reintegrated apparently.


We then went with shopify payments, as our website now had no credit card facility.


Spent a day integrating it, setting it up. All fine. more expensive, but who cares.

Orders coming in.

All says succesful.

Sending orders out.

Note: there is no further requirements, no documents, id or anythign requested.


.... a month goes by....

"Hey honey, how come we have no money and completely crippled, unable to pay rent or operate our business?"

"Holy Crap!! All of our income for the last month is pending"


Now, shopify sent us no emails, no notifcations, no nothing. They requested nothing at all.


We go to the shopify help chat.

Had a person escalate our case and tell us to wait for an email.

No email came. If we reopen the chat, noone responds.

They never processed anything, responded or anything. Left us to rot.


a few days later, we opened another help chat.

This person said exactly the same thing.

A day and a half later we recieve a notice in the online chat saying we need to upload a photo of our drivers license.

.... should have asked for that a month ago. wtf. ok... upload the license.


Since then we have been ignored.

ive opened multiple chat windows asking for assistance. noone can do anything but tell me to sit and wait.


It is so messed up. My money has been stolen and they wont even respond to me. Tell me the process and whats going on.

There is no email address, no phone number. The online help people are from the "wrong department" so...

Just have to have faith.


If this wasnt directly linked to shopify i would assume its a scam and im being robbed blind.

I am not sleeping. The stress is completely debilitating.


I am literally watching my business fall apart around me.

While someone has to press some buttons somewhere.

Its imoral and potentially criminal.


Im trying to figure out where to go.

The banking/finance ombudsman, the acc or the federal police... all of them.


The level of distress this is causing is outrageous.

Shortly i wont be able to feed my 3 kids and will be evicted.

Please help me to have my funds released.

Im being held captive by shopify payments. its crazy.

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So, it has now been resolved. Finally, after lots of sleepless nights, many useless help desk chats and mental/physical health concerns.


It took 7 days to resolve after first contact.

There was 6 weeks worth of payments owed.

... do you want to try not being paid for 6 weeks?...


Shopify Help was unable to help... uselss and patronising. The amount of times i got told to sit back and wait for an email.

I never recieved an email.


Shopify Payment staff are terrible and impossible to contact. They have no profesionallity or accountability.

I left many messages pleading for communication and assistance. Completely ignored and disregarded.


This process was disgusting and so stresssful.

Yet this seems to happen to a lot of people and has been happening for over a year.

There seems to be no intention to improve this situation and are emotionlessly putting people through this over and over with 0% accountability or humanity.


This needs to be taken further and fixed.


If they need more documentation, customers need to be told. And dont start taking payments and saying that its complete when its not.

This should be part of the install process.


Massively disappointed.

I feel like i was left to rott. Not so much as a "were sorry that this happened to you".


The automated email notification that we were supposed to get 6 weeks ago was sent through 8 minutes before the email saying our account was taken off hold.

Whoops... forgot to press that button ey.


This is peoples lives and livlihoods and they treat it like a joke.

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Sorry to hear, we are going though a similar situation right now, complete theft,