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I have had my store for about three years now. Initially when I opened my store I was using Shopify as my payment provider. For one, that's what was given to me AND I had no idea how anything work.  About 6 months later, Shopify decided to drop me stating that I need to look for a different provider,... According to them, my type of business was "too risky" even though I had zero refunded orders.  Actually, I may have had one refunded order for about $2 dollars. I had almost a perfect record!

No big deal.... I had to look for another payment provider and Joined Stripe. I've been happy with PayPal and Stripe since then.

I've been paying fees to my payment provider (Stripe) AND paying fees to Shopify.  Shopify  has been charging me fees for receiving payments too for all this time. What the hell! 🙄

I know Shopify monthly payment fees are very small BUT, that makes no sense. 

I feel like I have complained before and have requested a clear explanation of why I have to pay fees to them as well and I have never received a clear explanation.

It's been over three years and I'm still having a difficult time to understand why Shopify will continue charging me fees in addition to my regularly Stripe fees?

JFYI, after all this time, my refund rate is still not bad (it's 1.38%).  My average sale is about $7 and I'm about to reach 10K in sales since I launched.

Is anyone else in the same situation? Please share your thoughts.

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