Shopify Permalinks Broken When Country is Selected

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I'm not having any luck with support, but wanted to raise it here for visibility. 

Currently shopify permalinks is broken when specifying a country that is configured for shopify markets. 

Let's say the stores default currency and region are USA and USD. 

When specifying the country via permalink for example GB, the country is changed, but the currency is not. Only when you load the exact same link again does it change the currency to GBP. 

This impacts all currencies, all browsers etc 

This has only just broken because we use this functionality daily. 

Permalink docs.

I've attached a video of the issue. 

Hopefully we can get this resolved. 

Edit: This seems to be impacting 3 step checkout only, we require this as much of our sales are through abandoned checkouts. 

Looking in more detail it seems the currency is not calculated at the same time the shipping is not calculated. 

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