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Shopify POS not syncing to store name in Shopify admin.

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Shopify admin shows that I have the correct store name, and the receipt preview shows the correct name as well, but it just prints "My Store" in practice.


I've determined this is because the app on the device I print it from shows store name as "My Store", so I need to figure out how to sync the information from Shopify admin onto Shopify POS.


I've tried refreshing the synchronization, uninstalling and reinstalling, and changing the store name but none of them have worked. I'd appreciate any help.

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I have the same issue, @bcwaxers did you find a solution by any chance? 

Shopify Staff
Shopify Staff
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Hello, I was able to resolve the issue by following these steps:

1. Access the iPad Settings.
2. Scroll down and locate the Shopify POS App.
3. Enable the Reset account option.
4. Force close the POS App.
5. Log back into the Shopify POS App.

I hope these instructions are helpful. Thank you! 🙂