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Shopify + Prinitify: one design on multiple product types (tee, hoodie etc)

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We are using Printify to import products to our POD store and were hoping to be able to have one parent or master product for each design with product style/type (women's tees, hoodies, tanks etc) as variants which link to the products we created and imported from Prinitify.  So if a customer starts out searching for a Women's Tee, gets to the landing page for a specific design and then sees the design is also offered as a Hoodie and selects the Hoodie variant, what actually gets added to cart and sent to Printify is an order for the Hoodie (and not the Women's Tee or original product selection).

Is this possible without having to manually send the order to Printify?  Wondering if we take the SKUs generated from Printify (for each product we import) and add them to their corresponding variant in the master/parent product, if Printify will be able to see, in the example above, that the customer ordered the Hoodie and not the Women's Tee?  Or are there any other solutions we are skipping over that might be better/easier?

Thank you!

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Hi @vervethreads 

Have you considered setting up the designs as collections, with the individual products available for each design within its collection?

I would imagine this would be easier to shop for your customers, rather than having one product page for a design, then having to sort through multiple product types as options, with colors and sizes as variants for each - seems like it would make for a very complicated product page.

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Hi Have you found a solution to this? please reply