Shopify product made up of multiple individual products selected by business after order is placed

Shopify product made up of multiple individual products selected by business after order is placed

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Hi There,


I'm hoping someone might be able to help me find the unicorn solution I've been searching for for far too long!


I work for a wine bar/bottle shop. Our bottle shop has an online store, in which customers can purchase boxes of 6 or 12 wines. This can be a one-off purchase or an ongoing subscription. The box can be either made up of a particular style of wine, or hand-selected by our sommelier based on the preferences they advise us of in the pre-purchase questions.


Once the purchase is made, we then make up the box in our bottle shop based on the conditions of the box, and it can include any wines we have in our bottle shop that fit their criteria. Most of these are individual products in our online store and have their own individual SKU's that synch to our POS (Lightspeed Hospitality), but the customer has no control over which wines are selected.


I need a way to record the inventory that goes into the box and have a way of recording this against their profile for future reference, as well as ideally being able to send them an email or have these inclusions included in an online portal for them to view. But the key issue I seem to encounter is due to the fact that the customer does not get to select the wines. Bundle apps seem to come close to what I'm after, but they all either give the customer the ability to build the box, or are pre-selected individual items that go into it. I need a way to allocate the individual items after the order has gone through.


Does anyone have a solution that might work towards any of the above?


Please let me know if anything is unclear, or you need more info!


Thanks so much,


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Hi @AbbyWine ,


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