Shopify Product Page + Google Merchant Center Price Mismatch Error

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Hi All, 


I am trying to advertise some product bundles on Google Merchant Center organically and then through Google Ads. An example of a product page that has led to a price mismatch error in GMC can be found here. I believe the issue is being triggered because the subscribe and save option is the one that is checked by default on the LP, but wanted to know if there was a way to add this product to GMC + Google Ads without triggering the price mismatch error that makes the listing unable to deliver. 


Thanks in advance!

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Hi @encoremarketing ,


This maybe because the product schema on the page is showing 79.98. You may have to update the product schema.



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Hey @encoremarketing 


Two issues are going on here.

1. Defaulting to the subscription price which doesn't match your product feed nor does it match the structured data.


If you want to promote your subscription price, that needs to be the price in your product feed and in your structured data. I couldn't tell what app you're using for subscriptions. We have integrations with subscription apps that use Shopify's Checkout to include a set of product structured data for subscriptions. In order for that to work for Merchant Center, you may need to send a custom product feed that includes the unique product identifiers we create since they don't exist in Shopify.



2. Your final price is not the most prominent price on the page. The price you advertise to Merchant Center should be clear and very easy to see.


The total price the customer will be charged is in the button which makes it much harder to read. I honestly thought the total price would be either $26.66 or $24.00. I didn't catch the /bottle nor did I see the $72 price in the button until searched hard to see where your structured data price was coming from.


Merchant Center requires the price to be clear and obvious and since your price is also halfway down the page, it can add even more confusion.


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