Shopify protection from SQL injection attempts?

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Hey Shopify community,

During my normal monitoring of my store, I noted some strange strings of text in the "some of your visitors can't find what they're looking for" widget over the past few days.

I don't have a lot of programming background, but to me these seem like they could be attempts at SQL injections to my store or some other sort of malicious intrusion attempt:

"0 xor if now sysdate sleep 12 0 xor z"

"if now sysdate sleep 12 0"

"1 waitfor delay 0 0 12"

We haven't noticed anything unusual and I would imagine Shopify has appropriately sanitized the inputs for customer-facing fields, but I wanted to reach out and see if this was something I need to be more concerned about. Thanks in advance to anyone with input on this!

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Hi, which widget is that? Can you share related admin page link with me.

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We're seeing the same thing. 

  • if now sysdate sleep 12 0
  • 0 xor if now sysdate sleep 12 0 xor z
  • 1 waitfor delay 0 0 12
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I was just reading about it on reddit forums by accident. This seems to be probably some weak attack en masse. Shopify engineers for sure secured obvious things like that.