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Shopify Refund policy error: Google robots couldn't crawl this page, making page nonindex

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Hello everyone, 

Our website is having trouble with the Refund policy page. It had blocked the Google robot from crawling, thus making the whole page Non-index.

I have found this error thanks to the Visitors counts in the Dashboard, which was dropped from 8x to 0 today.

Please help me to fix this issue. It's urgent matter. 

My big question is:

Why was this issue coming from Refund-policy standard page of Shopify?

As I didn't do anything with the code of this page, just changed the content of the refund policy, however this page had blocked the Google Robot itself, please refer to the attached report of Google Search account for your infor.

Look forward to receiving support from Shopify team. Thank you very much!

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Nobody help answer this question?

It's an issue of Shopify refund page.