Shopify ruined my life 💔

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Last monday, June 2, before our payout was on hold, me and my girl were so joyful and cheerful to each other that after few months of trying to grow our brand, after months of losing, we finally got many sales, We also planned a lot of things with the money we earned from our sacrifices, That includes us meeting together after being long distance for 2 years, and also my kitten has been sick for a while and she needed an immediate consultation with a vet, So i was so happy that finally i can bring her there to treat her sickness. We have got 130 sales in one day and if i was not mistaken it was saturday , the first day of June, until sunday we have got more. The next morning we woke up in a very sad , disheartening, dark day as we received a sudden hold from our payouts by shopify. We just saw that our funds are frozen and we are not aware of this! We started to worry on how we will fulfill our orders over 500+ as the money that we earned (that is currently frozen) is the only thing that were relying to. We suddenly put our stores on pre orders because we dont know how we will handle the situation. We texted agent / live team for our issue and they made us a ticket where they promised it will only take 24-48 hours of reviewing. I just wanted to say that since the day we started selling from our brand. We never had chargebacks or refunds as we are fulfilling our orders asap as soon as we get payout from shopify and so our customers never experienced a bad service from us as we also respond to their messages as fast as we can even we are so busy with our daily things.. So anyway 4 days has passed. we have received no single updates or emails from shopify team, also within this 4 days we are always texting the support about the updates on our ticket which they said (they already escalated). June 6 thursday. We have received texts from our customers about their orders and why its not yet processed. We dont know what to respond to them because of our fear that shopify wont give our money back. We just told them we had a little problem with the shipment logistics we have so they dont have to worry about it, even though me and my girl is so much worried already of whats happening. Im already thinking so bad that we can go bankruptcy cause of this. Also i was worried with my kitten since she needs an immediate consultation from veterinarian. We still receive sales even we are on pre order, so we put our last money to shopify to fulfill some of our orders atleast so they will be less. I even didnt get some for my kitten's consultation because we might get short on fulfilling some orders. So then I sacrificed it and i still had hope that tomorrow morning everything will be resolved by shopify team. So the next day come, still we havent received any email from shopify and im doing my best for my kitten to survive. So the morning of June 7 Friday, we received an email from shopify about why they are holding our account. They said they saw that we are having pre order campaigns (even though it was out of our plan but we did cause of their sudden hold) and then they asked some questions with that email and we immediately emailed them back. Then today saturday June 8, the morning i wake up i already feel depressed cause of the situation of my kitten, she dont eat already she is so thin , i forced her to eat food and promised her that today we will have money for her to consult for her doctor, i spent my time with her checking her condition, and then even though im so mad already i still contact the live support of shopify even they never helped a single thing since the first day of our holds. So i asked when will our issue be resolved and this support said that the more we message them the more our issue will be delayed. And im like what?? Is it bad that i just ask an update? 😢, Now im writing this message even 5 mins earlier my kitten has finally come to say goodbye to me. I failed my promise to her that we will go to veterinarian for her to be okay. I really dont know what to do 😞 , at the same time we have received atleast 20 refunds from our 500+ orders due to delay since we cant fulfill it because our last money is only being hold by shopify 💔💔💔💔 im truly mad for what happened. Poor support by shopify, no one helped us. Until we reached in this situation. Everything fell down. I could atleast be prepared if they warned us that they will hold our payout and how long might it take to be resolved, not that they will hold it out of sudden, we are only small business owner who is trying to grow on your platform and you will do this to your merchants is totally unacceptable. Hopefully this will have justice, i really am so down today while writing this. I dont even know whats the point of writing this but I hope everyone will know how poor the support of shopify is, Totally disheartening, I lost my baby kitten 😞 i hope you will forgive me for failing my promise 😓

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