Shopify's DMCA Takedown execution is REALLY POOR

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I have been doing DMCA form submission for a long time since there are so many stores out there copying our products. Recently, we found another store who ripped off our product and advertised it on Instagram. It had been actually half a month since that fake page was published. We immediately reported it to Shopify to take that down, and it was after 12 hours. When I checked it out today, it was live again. How ridiculous is that???!!! What's the meaning of DMCA report when you allow a store to publish a fake page unlimitedly, especially that store has been labeled as scam?

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With any platform to try and expedite takedown requests have a lawyer handle it not just through form submission but actual legal correspondence.


There are also services that manage such things so you do not have to think about it continuously.

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Not talking about expediting the takedown process. It is just about Shopify allowing scam stores to repeatedly publish fake pages. There is no point in submitting the form since that fake website does not mind making a new page again without any cost.

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i agree, it's nonsense really i can't believe everyone can report everyone 


i'm decided to move to another plateforme it's not safe here and the support can't help you with anything.