Shopify/Square Gift Card Integration

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 We currently have retail locations using square online gift cards. WIs there any integration (or process) to allow these gift cards to be used in Shopify? Or vice-versa? 



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Hi @CharlesMacko, I'm Neomi from app,

We specialized in gift card & Loyalty Store credit solutions.

Right now we don't have an integration with Square POS, but we do have an integration with Shopify POS - you will be able to use our gift cards in your physical store and your online shop as one.

we can help you migrate all of your outstanding gift cards to the new system.


checkout our listing page and feel free to contact me at

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Hi there - We have the same issue with our retail/online business.

Just wondering, did you ever find a workable solution for using Square/Shopify eGift/eCards?


Thanks in advance

Geoff @ Jojosgreens

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Any update on this...? 🙂

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I also run my shop on Square for walk-in traffic and use Shopify as my online store. I would love a solution for gift cards where they could be used in both places: Square and Shopify.

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I have heard NOTHING since posting this.
There appears to be no integration between these two - Shopify/Square - As they are in direct competition with each other.

You'd think they allow both way synchronisation !


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I used an app on Shopify to migrate over all of my square gift card numbers to Shopify...but when I tried to switch back to shopify, square won't allow me to import the numbers because they contain letters....PLUS shopify won't send you the full 16 digit number so I had to go into each customers account, change their email to my own email, resend the gift card then change their email back to theirs...such a pain in the A$$ !!

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Our Gift Card Platform integrates with both Square and Shopify and can sync gift cards across platforms so gift cards can be redeemed on Shopify and Square while keeping the gift card balances in sync.

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I am working on this as well for our Boutique.   I am wondering if you just add the square gift card as a payment option and have them enter their number.   Problem is that I don't think there will be any checks on the balances obviously so wondering if you can just add the square gift card information into the Gift Card area and shopify will track?   Problem still is that there will be a manual procedure to update square.   I don't see any solutions in this thread other then that.