Shopify store blocked by isp on all devices

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My store is,

I bought a domain and opened my shopify store 3 days ago and was working fine. I could search my domain and it would open the store with no problem's. Last night I tried openings the store in browser and it said "Your connection is not private." When I reloaded the site, the browser said "this website was blocked by Telstra for your safety". I tried going on different account, different devices, incognito mode, but nothing worked.

Does anyone know how to fix this?


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Hi @wallsort,


From what I can see, it seems like your domain,, is not set up correctly in Shopify, which could be causing the security warnings and access issues.


Currently, your domain is redirecting to "," which shouldn't be happening if the domain is properly configured. This misconfiguration can trigger browsers to flag the connection as unsecured, leading to the warnings you're seeing.


To resolve this, you should remove the existing redirection and ensure that your domain is correctly linked to your Shopify store. Shopify provides detailed guidance on how to connect your domain properly. I recommend following the steps outlined in their documentation here: Connecting Domains on Shopify.


By following these procedures, you should be able to rectify the domain setup issue and eliminate the security warnings, allowing customers and yourself to access the site without any problems.


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More information:

I bought the domain off shopify

I tried switching it so that the original domain was primary and that didn't work



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Hi there @wallsort!


Thanks for sharing your query with us here in the Shopify Community.


Thank you also for confirming that you're using the Telstra ISP, as this is where the root cause of this issue has been identified as coming from.


The 'BroadBand Protect' service offered by Telstra can sometimes mistakenly flag domains with SSL certificates provisioned by Shopify as unsafe in error.


To remedy this you can either disable BroadBand Protect or change their DNS servers on their device away from Telstra's.


This is not an issue with Shopify or our SSL certificates we provide to domains.


If you need support with your Telstra service to help you resolve the above, you can reach out to them here


All the best!

Don | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hey Don,


Can you please elaborate on how to remedy this issue? I am a bit confused on what you mean.


Thanks heaps