Shopify Store Locked - URGENT SUPPORT NEEDED

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My store has been locked due to som pending bills which have now been approved. But the store is still locked. It has been 2 days now and my store is still shut.

This is really affecting our business and our factory worker wages too. I have been writing continuously to the billing team but unfortunately not getting any reply on the emails. The support chat mentioned that they must be busy thats why they are taking longer. We have already approved the payments for all the pending bills. We can also share the screenshot of the approved payments. It would be really helpful and we will be grateful if you can forward this to the billing team and ask their urgent action on this.
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Hi @DessineArt welcome to the Shopify COmmunity,


Well no one can do any help on this matter, except the shopify team reach you directly and solve this issue. Hopefully your issue will be resolved in next couple of hours.



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